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Competitive Exhibiting 101

Last evening Sheila Rapley gave an informative talk about how best to exhibit vegetables, fruits and flowers for a horticultural show. Sheila's experience judging shows for the last several decades gave all of us tremendous insight on the practical elements of displaying our exhibits as well as useful tips on really having your exhibit stand out from all the rest. Who knew that exhibiting at a local horticultural show could be so competitive and time-consuming. Sheila's comment that all her friends know not to bother her the Friday before a horticultural show said it all really!

I must confess to feeling slightly intimidated by her talk as I realise the lengths that I would have to go to seek first place and my slap dash approach just wouldn't really work in the long-term. As one of our members attending last night said 'I will never look at flower show exhibits in the same way again.' I couldn't agree with her more.

So here's to teasing out our roots, wrapping our beans tightly in wet paper overnight and covering our vases with moss (oops I might have just given away one of my competitive advantages)! Huge thanks to Sheila for enlightening us all and hopefully ensuring we can impress a few judges next show!

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