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Exh 13 Class 2 Five stems of daffodils_e

6 april 2024

We loved your Spring blooms. As always an impressive collection of entries. Huge thanks to all our exhibitors and to Nicky, our judge. Difficult job once again with 14 exhibitors and 38 entries. 

Nicky spent a very relaxing and enjoyable morning judging our entries. All very impressive once again.


Please click here to see a selection of this year's winning entries.


One entry per class per household and please use your own vases.

Section 1: Flowers

  1. A specimen stem of daffodil - any division.*

  2. A vase containing 5 stems of daffodils, mixed.

  3. A vase containing 3 stems of tulips, one or more varieties.

  4. A pot or bowl of growing bulbs, any variety.

  5. A single stem of a flowering shrub.

Section 2:  Floral Arrangement

6.    ‘Easter Celebrations’, in your own vase, open staging, unlimited height but all contained within your photograph. 

Please do not use plastic-based floral foam.


Section 3: Children’s (under 12 years)

7.    A jam jar of spring flowers.

* This can include miniatures, doubles or multi-headed varieties as well as single blooms.  Please include image from front and side for Class 1.

Exh 1 Class 4.jpeg
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