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The Joys of Spring Tidying

Necessity and a relatively warm, dry afternoon meant that I ventured out and started cutting back and clearing borders before the backbreaking work of mulching begins.

Quite honestly though I love cutting back borders and getting them ready for spring. I’m a Virgo so I tend to be fairly diligent and decidedly anal about this task, assessing what has survived over the past year. Unfortunately I think the prolonged recent cold snap may have badly effected a few of the less hardy perennials. Luckily there are always a few new plants that I have been dying to squeeze in somewhere! Our last lecture, Bordering on Insanity with Timothy Walker certainly provided further inspiration for rejuvenating a few borders. Hopefully all 70 odd people that listened to that lecture were equally inspired.

Our next lecture is:

Thursday, 18 March at 7pm

Growing Vegetables with Mark Saunders

Mark Saunders has over 23 years of experience growing in the walled kitchen garden at Fittleworth House near Pulborough. Join us as he shares best practice for crop rotation, soil preparation, favourite varieties and much more. Booking is essential. Lectures are free to DHHS members and £4 for non-members. They can be booked via Eventbrite so visit Events on our website for details.

And speaking of growing vegetables please could everyone who is sowing seeds or dividing plants over the next month please sow or set some aside for the Society? We hope to host a plant sale in early May (conditions permitting) and we would love any contributions that you might be able to make. I know many people enjoy growing the odd annual or tomato plant during the summer and would enjoy your efforts. We will provide an update in April’s Parish newsletter. Happy sowing.

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