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June - Nearly Summertime

Aquilegia. Photo credit: Julie Skelton

I absolutely love this time of year when every day brings something new and exciting in the garden. Mother Nature aims to please as daily openings of blooms on roses, peonies, alliums and other herbaceous flowers means the gardens are exploding in colour. Unfortunately, so are the weeds, with cleavers (sticky weed), hairy bittercress and groundsel making their presence felt. Best to get rid of these quickly before seed spreads and they become a real nuisance. ‘Little and often’ tends to be my motto on the weed front so it doesn’t become some monumental task. Wildflowers are also in abundance now and we can start to appreciate the wildlife they support as birds, butterflies, dragon flies, bees and other insects flock to them. I love the idea of leaving margins of stinging nettles and wildflowers in the garden to provide habitats and support wildlife.


Dunsfold Village Fete Plant Stall Photo Credit: S Sticpewich

Plants R Us would certainly have applied to our fabulous display at the Dunsfold Village Fete. We are always proud of our impressive stock of plants, seedlings and annuals at this annual event. All the contributions certainly ensure that the stall is incredibly lush and colourful. So many people in Dunsfold and Hascombe contribute to the success of the event, from growing seedlings and annuals to helping run the stall on the day. We are incredibly grateful for everyone’s support - thanks to one and all. We hope that everyone has found a good home for their new plants. May they be productive and bring you joy and sustenance. We raised over £700 this year and look forward to using some of these funds for providing greenery in the two villages.  We have some great ideas and will look forward to sharing them with you shortly.

The Early Summer Show

Saturday 15 June

The Winn Hall, Dunsfold

Public viewing from 2pm and prize giving at 3.30pm

This month we gear up for our first horticultural show of the season. The Early Summer Show is certainly the most attractive and fragrant of our shows with displays of beautiful roses and sweet peas. There are so many other interesting classes to enter as well. You can find further details about how and what to enter by visiting our website. Everyone is welcome to enter and/or visit to admire the various entries. Delicious tea and cake available to buy!




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