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Right Plant, Right Place

In January our programme of online winter lectures commenced with a talk by author Catherine Horwood on the life and work of plantswoman Beth Chatto. I think Fergus Garrett, head gardener at Great Dixter sums it up nicely: "Beth Chatto is one of the most influential gardeners in our history. Gardeners from all over the world have taken her lead on the right plant, right place and have had their eyes opened to texture, shape and form."

As climate changes continue to affect our weather and growing conditions, the right plant choices and gardening practices will be key to ensuring that we all adapt to these changes and work to mitigate our impact on the environment. While cutting back my borders and preparing for the growing season, I am giving serious consideration to the plants that best survive our increasingly dry and hot summer without the need for additional watering. Some of the more thirsty plants tend to be herbaceous plants like rudbeckia and Astrantia. The more drought tolerant plants tend to be silver-leafed plants (think Mediterranean) such as salvia, lavender, nepeta (catmint), and perovskia (Russian sage) or prairie plants like Echinacea (coneflowers), achillea (yarrow), Agastache, gaura and sedums. Many of these drought tolerant plants are also attractive to bees and butterflies so it really is a winning solution.

Our next lecture is:

Thursday, 24 February at 7pm

Pruning and Caring for Fruit Trees with RHS Specialist Jim Arbury

The talk will cover the care and pruning of fruit trees including apples, pears and stone fruits. This will include bush and pyramid trees as well as trained trees such as cordons and espaliers. Jim will discuss formative pruning for young trees as well as pruning more established trees. In addition, he will discuss the techniques used and merits of winter and summer pruning. Jim Arbury is experienced in all aspects of growing a wide range of hardy fruit from propagation to harvest. Booking is essential for these lectures. Lectures are free to DHHS members and £5 for non-members. They can be booked via Eventbrite by searching for Dunsfold & Hascombe Horticultural Society or looking under Events on our website. Do join us!

Polite reminder that membership is now due for renewal at £10 per person. We are delighted to offer a full programme of activities once again this year, including a Virtual Spring Show in April, an Early Summer Show in June and our Main Show in September. We look forward to these events as well as our garden visits starting in May, showcasing local gardens and highlighting some more ‘hidden’ private gems.

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