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Coming out of hibernation

Revival of the Society and an Introduction

After a long wet winter, I have finally ceded the field to Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis, reluctantly accepting that the winds have decimated the perennial beds that I had indulgently left standing so that I could enjoy the sedums, tall grasses and occasional frost-tipped seed head. Now everything has been flattened by the winds and is being cleared to the compost heaps. I confess that I also delight in the process of clearing and making ready for the new growing season. The warmer temperatures this winter has meant that many plants already have well established buds and extra care must be taken when cutting back last year’s flowers. The promise of spring abounds with new shoots, buds and greenery everywhere. Let’s hope for some sunshine to dry out sodden flower beds and lawns. I feel as if each new drop of rain now has literally nowhere to go.

The birth of spring brings what we hope will be the rebirth of the Society. Several of the current committee members will retain a role on the committee and all will help guide the new team forward. There is a wealth of knowledge – both horticultural and community mindedness – that we will benefit from over the next years.

In order to appoint new officers and committee members, enabling the Society to recommence its activities, we need to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting.

Extraordinary General Meeting

Thursday, 26 March at 7pm prompt in the Winn Hall, Dunsfold

Following the EGM, we will host our first speaker for 2020 at 7.30pm. Our speaker, Benjamin Pope, who gleefully has dubbed himself ‘The Working Gardener’ will be giving an inspirational talk on:

‘Getting the Most Out of Your Garden, Whatever the Size or Space’.

I first came across Benjamin when he was a monthly contributing author to the Gardens Illustrated magazine and then started to follow his blogs, all of which offered sage seasonal advice, sound growing tips and recommendations for gorgeous perennials. We hope you join us to meet some of the new committee members. We welcome existing members and anyone in the community that is interested in gardening to come along. We promise a glass of wine, cup of tea, slice of homemade cake, good company and an interesting talk!

As an endnote, an introduction… We moved to Dunsfold some fifteen years ago, to Grattons, a house we fell in love with largely because of the wonderful garden left by the Romes, the previous residents. I’ve been a banker, turned prep school librarian, a mother of two grown children and now dabble in garden design, pottery and painting. I have been involved with the Surrey Gardens Trust since 2015 and as Events Chair since 2017. I have helped with church flowers almost since my arrival in the village and volunteer in the Dunsfold Village Shop. Gardening is certainly therapeutic for me and I hope that the Society continues to educate and inspire all ages of the local community.

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