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Autumn's Splendour

Surrey’s beautiful countryside has continued to provide outstanding displays of colours throughout these grey, overcast days. The trees, particularly the oaks, have managed to hang onto their leaves for weeks now, in spite of fierce wind and rain. I am sure I say this every year but this year’s colour has been glorious with the fiery reds and oranges of the acers and liquidamber nicely balanced by the yellows and golds of the poplars, beech and oaks. These leaves are a blessing and a curse as they now cover lawns and flower beds, demanding immediate attention before they kill off the grass newly recovered from this year’s drought and providing safe harbour for insects and other pests. Luckily leaf mulch is invaluable so do find a nice corner to allow it to compost down for use next year.

The Society remains undaunted in its plans to bring our members a full programme of events notwithstanding the complications from coronavirus pandemic. Our lecture series will move online with speakers presenting via Zoom. We intend to deliver a lecture each month until late spring. Our first speaker will be garden historian, Cherrill Sands, talking about the rich history of ‘Gardens in Surrey’. With the benefit of a varied landscape, gentle climate and proximity to London, Surrey has many fine gardens. Cherrill will take us on a whistle-stop tour of these unforgettable gardens and discuss how these gardens and their designers/owners have greatly influenced the ideal of a ‘quintessential’ English garden.

Cherrill Sands ‘Gardens in Surrey’

Thursday, 21 January 2021 at 7pm

Via Zoom

Joining instructions will be sent out to all members in early January. If you aren’t a member and would be interested in joining us contact Paul Goudie at

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