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April Gardening Tips

The RHS website is a terrific source for gardening advice and inspiration. Each month they provide a checklist of jobs that gardeners should be focusing on in their gardens. We will provide a quick summary of these top tips and highly recommend you visit their website for further information, techniques or advice.

1. Weeding really starts in earnest this month and always best to stay on top of weeds before they take hold.

2. Protect emerging fruit blossoms from late frosts. Temperatures can still be unpredictable overnight and a late frost can completely destroy this year's crop. Use horticultural fleece for the most vulnerable and accessible fruit trees.

3. Tie in rambling and climbing roses before they put on their first burst of new growth.

4. Sow hardy annuals, wildflower seeds and herbs directly outdoors towards the end of this month.

5. Feed citrus plants with a summer feed high in nitrogen designed especially for citrus plants.

6. Increase amount of watering for houseplants, dust off those leaves and give them some TLC with a good houseplant feed as well.

7. Feed hungry shrubs and roses. Typically a general purpose fertiliser and mulching will suffice.

8. Sow new lawns and repair any bare patches in existing lawns. Remember you will need to keep watering these areas given the current dry conditions.

9. Prune fig trees. See RHS tips for how to prune them properly.

10. Divide bamboos and waterlilies.

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