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Reflections Dinah Dwyer.jpg

First Prize: Class 70 Reflections by Ted Dwyer

mini autumn show
27 October 2022

As our Main Show in September was cancelled due to drought conditions and a hose pipe ban, we decided to host a 'mini-Autumn' Show at our AGM.  Classes were limited to a few floral, cookery and photography exhibits.

Pat Freemantle and Sharon Westhead kindly judged our entries.  We had 15 exhibitors and over 30 entries.  To read about the show and the winning entries, click here.

No prizes or cups were awarded. 


One entry per class per household and please use your own vases.

Class 27: four single vegetables in a seed tray

Class 44: flowers or foliage from my garden, own vase.

Class 56: miniature floral arrangement in tea cup and saucer, max 203mm (8”) all around
Class 60: jar of pickle or chutney (3 months old, sealed)
Class 61: jar of jam, sealed
Class 63: carrot cake (recipe in Show Programme p. 24)
Class 66: homemade liqueur
Class 68: photograph - Sky
Class 69: photograph - Along the Coast
Class 70: photograph - Reflections

Sunset over Hascombe__July 13 Julian King.jpeg

First Prize - Class 68 Sky to Julian King
Sunset over Hascombe

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