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Autumn Abundance at Our Mini-Show

The unseasonably mild temperatures has meant that many of our flowering perennials and vegetable plants have continued to yield glorious blooms and produce well into late October. Nowhere was this more evident then at the beautiful displays at our mini-Autumn show. We had 15 exhibitors and 34 entries at the show, which was included as part of our AGM and evening lecture.

The Society would like to thank all the exhibitors and our judges, Pat Freemantle and Sharon Westhead. The entries proved very popular and brightened up the hall as well.

Winning entries are:

Class 27: Collection of four single vegetables in a seed tray

First - Sheri Sticpewich

Class 44: Flowers or foliage from my garden, own container

First - Dinah Dwyer

Second - Sheri Sticpewich

Third - Antoinette Williams

Class 56: miniature floral arrangement in a tea cup

First - Dinah Dwyer

Second - Margaret Aves

Third - Antoinette Williams

Class 60: Jar of pickle or chutney (at least three months old)

First - Antoinette Williams

Class 61: Jar of jam, sealed

First - Antoinette Williams

Class 63: Carrot cake

No entries

Class 66: Homemade liqueur

First - Simone Cunliffe-Lister

Second - Judith Lahey-Bean

Third - Paul Goudie

Class 68: Photograph - Sky

First - Julian King (his winning photo is at top of page)

Second - Ted Dwyer

Third - Sheri Sticpewich

Class 69: Photograph - Along the Coast

First - Julian King (pictured above)

Second - Peter Hardcastle

Third - Dinah Dwyer

Class 70: Photograph - Reflections

First - Ted Dwyer (pictured above)

Second - Julian King

Third - Katherine Tuck

Our judge was most impressed with the photographs and had quite a challenge to decide the best images. All of the photos in the Reflections category were particularly stunning and it was nice to see photos of Winkworth Arboretum as well!

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