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Sweet Smell of Success

Early Summer Show Results

The Society hosted its first Early Summer Show since the pandemic hit in 2020. We couldn't have been more pleased with 25 exhibitors and a total of 167 entries. And success certainly did smell sweet as the displays of sweet peas and roses certainly took centre stage and filled the Winn Hall with the most glorious of scents. The judges were truly impressed and thought that each and every entry was worthy - high praise indeed. The Society would like to thank all the exhibitors, judges and spectators for their respective contributions in making the show an enjoyable event.

There is a real sense of community spirit and friendly competition created when hosting these horticultural shows. The thrill of growing and producing such a wonderful collection of flowers, fruit, vegetables, jams, crafts, etc. is incredibly rewarding and even more so when one is awarded a bright, shiny silver cup or plate to place on your mantelpiece for the next year. A small reward but nevertheless one that makes all your hard work worth it. Please have a look here at some photos from the day.

Congratulations to the following individuals for their achievements.

Sweet Pea Cup - Sheila Rapley

Blacknest Rose Cup - Tina Powell

The Walter Mitchell Rose Cup - Simone Cunliffe-Lister

Garden Cup (Other Flowers) - Antoinette Williams

President's Prize (Fruit & Vegetables) - James Wheatcroft & Sheri Sticpewich (Tie)

Willards Cup (Floral Art) - Mary Hardcastle

Small Cup (Cookery & Homecraft) - Sheri Sticpewich

Mike Compton Memorial Cup - Simone Cunliffe-Lister

The Society's Main Show is Saturday, 10 September. We do hope that more people will be encouraged to 'give it a go' and enter the Show. No previous experience required!

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