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RHS Launches 'Grow at Home' Campaign

The RHS launched “Grow at Home” this weekend where those spending so much more time at home will be able to find lots of activities and all things horticultural to learn and do from our website. Please follow this link for some suggestions.

I have been busy sowing vegetable and flower seeds, chitting potatoes and keeping my beloved pelargoniums safe from the frost (photo taken 1 April). Even though the weather has been gorgeous the last few weeks I have dared put them outside yet and have constantly watched weather reports for dipping temperatures in the evening. The bubble wrap has come off though! I also suspect I will have spare seedlings (as will many of you) in preparation for the May Fete plant sale which has now been cancelled. Perhaps we can all swap seedlings and find others that would benefit from our hard work - but more on that idea later.

The RHS is also doing everything it can to promote and help British nurseries so please remind friends, neighbours, colleagues and family that they can buy plants online for home delivery, from the RHS and from hundreds of other nurseries.

It’s very sad but the RHS has announced that the following summer shows will be cancelled or moved:

RHS Shows cancelled in 2020:

   Harlow Carr Flower Show

   Tatton Park Flower Show

   Wisley Flower Show

RHS Shows moved in 2020:

   Hyde Hall Flower Show to 2–6 September (was 5-9 August)

   Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival to 10–15 September (was 7-12 July)

   Rosemoor Flower Show to 18–20 September (was 14-16 August)

Knowing that we now have something to look forward to in September and with Hampton Court being right on our doorstep we can support the nurseries that will have been so hard hit during this time. We will have had plenty of time to identify all those areas for improvements in our own gardens and have the autumn to get new plants in the ground. I will be booking my ticket this afternoon.

During the course of the next few months I will endeavour to send out regular gardening tips, advice and general news so watch this space.

Best wishes

Sheri Acting Chair

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