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Nothing Sleepy about this Garden

Last Thursday, DHHS members visited Sleepy Hollow in Chiddingfold - our first garden visit of the year. What a treat! Susannah and two of her lovely children made us feel very welcome. The garden was absolutely beautiful and so colourful even though many of the shrub roses and peonies were still not open. The garden itself is just over 15 acres including three paddocks. The formal gardens include a knot garden with box hedges, a kitchen garden with greenhouse and woodlands walk. The group enjoyed meandering along with Susannah and hearing about the development of her garden. The climbing roses on the house were fully open providing a welcome scent and colour to our afternoon tea.

Sleepy Hollow is open through the National Gardens Scheme and I would really encourage you to visit given it is on our doorstep.

We have posted a small selection of photos in the Gallery on the website and on our Facebook page.

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