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Glimmers of Hope

Whilst it is easy to despair in January’s grey, wet weather, we must remember that spring is right around the corner. Muddy dog walks sometimes glimmer with hope when you come across small corners of the garden and woods where snowdrops are bravely starting to show their heads. The winter aconites under our walnut tree are out in force already bringing some lovely yellow blooms to provide cheer. I always feel the need to tiptoe through sections of the garden, not wanting to tread on those fresh, young shoots that will become daffodils, narcissi, snake’s head fritillary and crocus blossoms. Seeds, onion sets and seed potatoes have been purchased – yes, I am feeling a bit smug right now as I am never normally this prepared. I have started pruning fruit trees and roses but I must confess to having given up during some of the more horrendous weather. Warm fire, good book and tea beckoned!

The Society has gone online with its winter lectures, allowing everyone to stay warm and dry. We do hope that the monthly Thursday evening lectures give everyone an opportunity to glean some useful advice and live vicariously through these beautifully illustrated talks. In January, garden historian Cherrill Sands gave a whistlestop tour of some of the gardens in Surrey that should be truly celebrated for their beauty. We had over 70 people in attendance. Delighted with the enthusiasm and support of our members and guests.

Our next lecture is:

Thursday, 18 February at 7pm

Bordering on Insanity with Timothy Walker

Tim will look exclusively at the herbaceous border in his wife’s garden and cover the principles and practicalities to be adopted when trying to create a border that is interesting all-year-round. He will conclude with a look at a collection of must-have plants for such a border. Booking is essential for these lectures. Lectures are free to DHHS members and £4 for non-members. See the Events page for booking instructions. Do join us!

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