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Celebrate National Gardening Week

“Plants and gardens have the power to uplift us and that's why we urge everyone to get involved in National Gardening Week this year, in whatever way they can. It's more important than ever that we savour the beauty of flowers and trees because gardens are a natural tonic.” Alan Titchmarsh

There is literally no better spokesperson for the gardening and the benefits that plants, gardens and landscapes provide than Alan Titchmarsh (except maybe for Monty Don)! Today marks the start of National Gardening Week and the RHS will be providing gardening advice, videos and images to help inspire everyone to get involved. Over the course of the week I will select little tidbits of information that might be interesting to everyone but please do visit the RHS website throughout the week. They have a wonderful introductory video hosted by Alan Titchmarsh which I would highly recommend.

This week I will also be learning patience as I intend to hold fire on planting out runner beans, dwarf french beans, courgettes, corn and squash until the overnight temperatures are consistently higher. I failed miserably on this front last year as my eagerness to get started resulted in many plants suffering from late frosts. Any early start I had hoped for was lost in a nano second - mother nature can be so cruel. I will focus on next round of seedlings and my containers in the meantime.

Happy National Gardening Week!

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