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April - Time to get busy

The garden seems to come alive in April particularly if we have been blessed with nice weather. Every walk seems to yield another bud or bloom bursting into life. Unfortunately a gardener cannot sit for long admiring the splendour this month. The warmer weather means that it isn't just the flowers and trees bursting into life. The weeds also have decided to emerge and best to stay on top of them by hoeing regularly. If you haven't cut back and mulched your borders now is a good time to do so but do watch out for frost as you don't want to mulch on top of frost and trap that layer in the soil. Also it is always best to mulch after a rain rather than on dry soil.

I'm sure many of you experienced gardeners have your set tasks that you complete each month in the garden, altering them dependent on weather and available time. If you are a novice, there are numerous sites, including the RHS, that provide good monthly tips. In this blog I will tend to focus on the RHS jobs to do but have a look at a few of my favourite places to go. If nothing else, they are great reminders.

Some of you will recall that Benjamin Hope spoke to the Society last September. His diary provides an excellent source of information and I would highly recommend dipping into that every month.

You can also sign up to receive Sarah Raven's weekly jobs in the garden via her website. This list along with her general advice on every subject imaginable has been an excellent source when I have wanted information on taking cuttings, when to sow certain annuals, etc. Visit April in the garden.

Do let me know if you have your own favourites!

RHS - April Jobs in the Garden

  1. Keep weeds under control

  2. Protect fruit blossoms from late frosts

  3. Tie in climbing and rambling roses

  4. Sow hardy annuals, herbs and wild flower seeds outdoors

  5. Start to feed citrus plants

  6. Increase water given to houseplants

  7. Feed hungry shrubs and roses

  8. Sow new lawns and repair bare patches (now's a good time for a light scarify, feed and weed control)

  9. Build supports for perennials, sweet peas, runner beans and anything else that will need support

  10. Continue sowing vegetable seeds depending on frost conditions

For more specific jobs in the kitchen garden (including the cutting garden) please visit the RHS page for this month.

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