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Gardening, like most things, is all about patience

I had thought that this would be my last note as chairman of the Dunsfold and Hascombe Horticultural Society. However, the coronavirus is affecting all aspects of our lives including the need to cancel our Extra-ordinary General Meeting on 26th March. At that meeting we were due to vote in a new committee with Sheri Sticpewich as the new chair. Many of us are of the age where we shall need to self isolate and group gatherings are being discouraged, so sadly the decision was made to postpone the meeting. This is a real shame as a great speaker was due to follow the EGM. But the operative word is postpone, not cancel. So I am still officially your chairman, although Sheri and her team have taken over the running of the Society. Sheri’s newsletter last month will have shown you how much energy she is putting into the Society with a fascinating program of events. We have to put things on hold for a while but great treats are in store. Sheri will keep you posted about future events when we are able to go ahead.

Gardeners are good at patience and delayed gratification. Instant results are for plastic plants, not real ones. We put the bulbs in the ground in the autumn and our only reward was a sore back and mucky hands. Now we get the joyful results of our labours. I planted an iris seven years ago. It has looked barely alive with just a couple of spiky leaves until today when I noticed it had a flower bud. Seven years waiting, but worth it. So I think the attitude of patience, fortitude and optimism so common in gardeners will get us through some hard times.

Today the sun was shining, the birds were singing and the trees blossoming. All seemed well with the world. Of course, it is not, but we re lucky to live in an area surrounded by beauty where most of us have at least a patch of garden to bring us joy. If we have to spend time away from our social lives, perhaps we shall gain solace in our gardens instead of charging around doing all the things we generally do to keep ourselves busy.

We have some amazing gardens in our villages and also some amazing people who will look out for each other. This may be a world crisis but I for one am thankful to be living in this particular corner of the world.

Watch this space – events will be starting up before we know it.

Stay well and enjoy your gardens.

Sandy Gray

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